Energy and greenhouse gas emissions

Strait Link faces challenges and also some very real opportunities to change the way we do business in relation to energy and fuel consumption. We are facing these challenges by developing short, medium- and long-term CO2 reduction targets and implementing a series of initiatives.

Climate risk and opportunity

Our goals have been set to protect and safeguard the environment in which we operate by complying with marine environmental laws and company safety and environmental policies.

Employee health, safety and wellbeing

Maintaining the health, safety and wellbeing of Strait Link’s employees is a priority for our business.

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are important at Strait Link, we ensure everyone has an equitable opportunity to succeed. We are constantly reviewing how we can accelerate and improve the inclusion and diversity of our total workforce.

Labour relations and fair working conditions

We are dedicated to recruiting, developing and retaining a diverse workforce and being inclusive across the industry. This will take commitment, perseverance and time to build a more balanced and inclusive culture both within our business, and also working together in the industry for progress across the maritime logistics freight task.

Training and development

We are committed to ensuring that our employees return home safely every day, and we are working together with the industry to improve the safety standards across the maritime industry. Whether an Employee or Contractor we ensure that all Personnel undertake training necessary to carry out their obligations in a safe manner.

Technology and innovation

We recognise technology and innovation are a key component of emissions reduction and mitigating climate change. Strait Link is working to improve in this area, not only to keep up with the market and demands from customers but also to be a leader.

Responsible and sustainable supply chain

We have a robust cargo screening process as part of our booking system and we have developed and instilled into the business and our operations policies and procedures including:

  • Bribery, corruption and conflicts of interest;
  • Anti-competitive practices and breach of sanction regulations;
  • Financial fraud or mismanagement;
  • Discrimination or victimization;
  • Harassment or unethical behaviour;

Our Supplier Code of Practice (Supplier Code) also sets out the behaviours that our business expects from our suppliers. This includes our expectation that our suppliers will act with respect and comply with all applicable employment and workplace laws and regulations, including labour and child labour laws.